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Children often come up with the most interesting conclusions about the world... *cough* Mithrandir *cough*

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The difference being that Maggie doesn't pitch a fit if I don't take her seriously.

Actually, she does occasionally. She did get upset with me during an argument as to whether or not Cookie Monster is an actual monster. Her point was that all monsters are scary, and Cookie Monster is not scary, so Cookie Monster is not an actual monster.

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It looks like she's grasped the concept of Modus Tollens quite well.

(P => Q) ^ !Q => !P

P: x is a monster
Q: x is scary

Translation: "Cookie monster is a monster only if he is scary, and Cookie monster is not scary, so he is not a monster."

Way to go Maggie!

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Don't get too excited about her skills at logic.

This is the same kid who sat on the floor with her eyes shut during a game of hide-n-seek yesterday, figuring that if she couldn't see us we couldn't see her.

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