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NeXe and the DirectX Wiki

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I don't know if you've all seen the thread in the DirectX forum about it ( Lame NeXe Test Release ) - but Coder (Forum moderator and DX-MVP) and Nik02 (DX-MVP) have put together a "wiki" covering DirectX.

Fantastic idea - I really hope it does well [smile]

A subject as large and diverse as DirectX really suits an FAQ/Wiki resource.

My understanding is that it's still Work-In-Progress, and that various tweaks and features are still being worked on. The initial release that was publicised in the thread I linked to above could be interpretted as a "call for contributions" so as to get some usable data into the system to test the various features and so on...

I've added a few things over the last couple of days (See the list here), and I intend to spend a bit of time putting more stuff in this weekend.

Now, go have a look at it - http://nexe.gamedev.net/directKnowledge/, and ideally if you've got something (anything!) to contribute do so [grin]

Right now, I'm gonna go eat some bangers and mash [inlove] and head off to the pub for some pool and pints [grin]

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I have this dream tizzle thugz post'n on various forums (-N-to-tha-izzot jizzle this site) would makes bootylicious posts where they detail tha problem they've got, an isolated code fragment (izzy jiznust a copy of tha entire source file) n some of tha debug spew tizzle describes tha error in question . Holla!. It's def wishful blingin' - it'll probably neva happen

Coz debugg'n is both difficult n essential, there is lots of tools ta hizzelp you (do a Google search n see) cuz this is how we do it. Learn'n how ta use tizzle effectively is difficult, but it is a valuable skill nonethizzles. I'm going ta use this journal entry ta describe, as simply as I cizzay how ta set up Direct3D debugg'n

I liked da old icon betta.

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