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Well Rob, I think we can thank our friend John Hattan for this occurance.

Just read Mithrandir's last entry comments.

"I blame John Hattan" -TANSTAAFL

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I put forth that there is absolutely no reason why God and Science cannot co-exist
Holy sh*t!! Look what I started. You know it whas just a joke when I said you shouldn't use god as the first word in a scientific entry. You should have a look at modern Rosicrucianism. Their whole foundation is built on the union of science and god (left and right brain) || (male and female) || (tom and jerry) || (breathing). I think you might want to look into the breathing thing first though.

god = skittles;

But science can only go so far; what if skittles invented the laws of physics, and could change them at a whim?

I think when people talk about skittles they are generally projecting their own personality on it. To say skittles invented something is to compare skittle processes to the human invention process. To say skittles has a whim is to further isolate other people's versions (imaginations) of skittles.

Who knows; perhaps one day science will prove the existence of skittles. Wouldn't that be interesting?
No. Again we are dealing with a definition of skittles. In order to know the answer you must first know the question. To some people skittles is everything, it is the sum of all energy. To others it is a projection of parental figures. To others it is a bag of skittles.

It is important to note that I am not speaking about "religion", but rather a greater entity that we cannot possibly understand.
Exactly! So why speak at all. Eat some skittles.

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