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Working at the NPCs

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Yesterday I had a day off from work (the machine had a problem, and the technician was supposed to come and take a look at it). So I decided to do some additional programming in the free time.
Only that things usually don't happen as you plan them.
So yesterday a medical emergency in the familly ruined my night/morning (had to go to the hospital and such). Fortunately it wasn't serious. But yesterday I was awake for 40 hours, so i didn't do much programming (wrote maybe 20 lines of code).
Today I am working at some NPCs (especially adding, loading and saving them) so that I can implement a few merchants, election NPCs and so on for the city, which will allow me to better test how the cities work.
The god damn Lounge has claimed most of my time today (in addition to some tests to see if I can use a parabolic reflector I got from my boss to improve my cellphone reception). There was some small improvement, but not big enough to justify placing an antenna outside, and running cables, etc. But I have to do some additional testing first. On the other hand, testings with my can antenna were positive, so I might explore that direction more.

Another thing I spent my day with was installing a diode on my solar powered mini RC car. That took only a few minutes, but after letting in the sun fora few hours, the car didn't even move. upon closer examination, I realized that I installed the diode backwards. So I had to remove it, and reinstall it properly. The sun was gone at the time I finished, and apparently the lamp I was trying to recharge it with didn't work now that I have a diode there (which takes 0.7V away from the 2V provided by the solar panel). Hopefully, it should work better in the sun. If it doesn't, I'll either try some other diode, or just remove it.
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