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Economics went fairly well; 1500 words on the flexibility of the EU workforce. My policy recommendations were threefold:

  • Unify qualifications across the EU - so that an IB in the UK is just as useful in France, Germany, or Poland
  • Create an "education and training fund" - to fund things like subsidies on training courses. A shortage of plumbers in the EU? Pay for anyone who wants to become a plumber. And so on.
  • Relax labour laws - makes it easier for firms to hire/fire people, as well as allowing longer working weeks and so on. It might not seem like a good idea from the worker's point of view, but bear in mind two things: One, a tired and stressful worker is not generally a productive one, and two, the US have relaxed labour laws and Alan Greenspan quoted it as something which has "bolstered the US economy."

Anyway, that's that. I even remembered to evaluate the data sources. (They were shite; we had hardly anything to work with. I want to see polling data, people!)

I also had Physics this morning, which was... well, let's just say I met my expectations. The first paper actually went quite well - I don't know the Boltzmann factor stuff, and it came up twice, which was annoying, but aside from that everything seemed good. Lots of 'show that the answer is roughly X,' which means it's very easy to see if you've got the answer right.

The second paper... not so good. I totally froze up on the last question, about firing electrons through magnetic+electric fields. I just don't know the requisite formulae, and the formula book was sadly no help. Maximum 80% on that paper, I think.. probably 60% to 70%. Oh well.

I've been thinking a little about the GDS, as it's one of the things about this site I love so much. Specifically, it had a good couple of hundred games there before, and now it's down to about five (good though they may be). When it's so small, people are less inclined to post their own projects - when it's larger, the 'me-too' factor is greater.

So, in the interests of promoting future growth and prosperity for the GDS, I'm thinking I should put something together. Something small, yet spiffy and highly polished, with a few special effects that I've wanted to play with (such as image post-processing).

I'm not totally sure what yet, but something related to multiplayer pong may or may not be in the works. (I hope Ash isn't too upset when he discovers that I've nicked back an idea that he seems to have moved on from). In particular, there's some effects that involve triangulation of a quad in interesting ways, and then using vertex shaders to rotate/scale those triangles, creating a 'shattering' effect.
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