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For one reason or another, probably because my sleeping patterns are always a bit obscure, I haven't been able to get more then four hours of sleep at a time. This is alright as it has allowed me to make some good use of my time. I guess that doesn't quite qualify as insomnia, but , heh,. what are you going to do?

I took time this morning to begin refining the code base for C.F.L. to get ready to move it to from a console app, to Win32. I decided also that I will, for the time being, forego the transition to pure 3D, as the text interface to the game is something that I quite like. So, what will it be like instead?

The system that I am devising will kind of be like Myst in a way, but instead of a point and click interface the user will interact through the mouse and keyboard for navigation, and text for other interaction with NPC's and the trivia aspects of the game. I am still looking for help with some Models, and have yet to recieve a reply from my post in the help wanted section, or any e-mails, which is ok for the time being, but I'd like to have my migration completed by this time next month, at which point in time if I still don't have any models, I just go with using generic free ones as place holders.

I managed to pick up an extra computer last week. It's about a third of the power of my current box, but I plan to use it for some network testing and such.

DecipherOne's Words of Wisdom: If you can't make it out to the Star Wars premier this week, don't fret, it's not the end of the world. It will be there later, and you may actually enjoy being able to hear the movie without thousands of people flocking to the box office.
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