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Back again

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Back again after a few days of pure frustration. Last you heard from me, I was learning some 3D vector math and getting ready to work with DirectX. Well, of course, it lead to endless frustration. After learning that DirectX SDK 9.0 was almost completely incompatible with Dev-C++ (no matter what you say), I slaved away, trying to figure it all out, just today coming to the conclusion that the best solution to my problem would be Visual C++ 2005 Express Beta.

I was wrong. Hardcore. After a two hours download, I came to the conclusion that it's a uselessly complex IDE (no matter what you say) that is always giving me nonsence about insignifigant header files and silly errors. I can't even run a Hello World. Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 is on back order. When it gets here, it better be more efficient than this sorry piece of crap, for Microsofts sake. I just wan't the people at Mozilla to make an IDE. And their own SDK. Boy, would that be great, lol.

So after all this trouble, I'm thinking to myself (purely out of frustration) "Ugh, I'm in way over my head, why did I even get into this in the first place. Stupid me," soon followed by "No, must push on, must make quality games for the good of mankind." So while I'm at the bottom of my emotional barrell, what do I happen to come across in the Help Wanted forums?

A guy wanting to make an Allegro-based developement team. My saving grace. Now I'm reminded of why I go into this is the first place. This guy wants to put together a group of people to make small, great games. Quickly and efficiently, that's the way. So I got back to him, and I'll know more details of the impending projects soon (hopefully).

In the meantime, must brush up my skills (found some great resources related to sidescroller building, gotta test 'em out).


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