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Today I talked a little with Wytter, and he said he wants to add a heightmap for Eternal Lands, so that we can have real hills, and better looking rivers, etc.
Right now, our ground is flat, and if we need a hill or something we just place a hill 3d object there. It looks OK, but the downside is that most of the map is flat.
There will be some changes needed, and quite some work, but he enjoys programming and math so I am sure he will have fun implementing those changes.
Meanwhile, I worked more at the NPCs generic add/load/save. The only generic thing left is the removing, which, hopefully, I will finish today.
So far, I didn't really test any NPC in practice, so there might be bugs that need to be fixed. I'll see that by the end of the week, when I should be able to do some tests (if I am not lazy).
Another change that I made was removing the whole magic stuff from the Barren Moon server (it was inherited from the El server). The idea is that BM will not have a magic system similar with the EL one, and, besides, the magic system in EL (the implementation) is TEH SUKC!

Oh, yeah, and EL got 508 clients logged in at the same time (about player owned 60 bots, and the rest human players).
Not bad at all. And the server machine was under 20% load.
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