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A slow start..

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What you looking here for? - I've nothing to say at the moment but, hopefully, will be putting ideas down at some point

Thanks for the nice welcomes!...I hope to be putting stuff down regarding game development business stuff (lol, boring to some but hey-ho!) and, of course, to inform you lovely people when our mobile game(s) come out onto the market!...woot woot!

take care peeps until the next time!
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What you looking here for?
I'm not sure and I've been given no incentive to look again...But I will.

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Huzza! The first female journaler! (to my knowledge)

I would give you the traditional rating++ for being a new journaler, but it seems as though I already had in the past :)

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Please post more so that I can make snide comments that will upset you.

It's what I do best.

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The star icon is MINE. MY OWN
I use it on all my posts and my journals. Please remove the star icon from your first journal post OR I WILL SUE YOU

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Sorry Pouya!...really?..ahem,

I was just about to say anyway, since joining the great GDnet community fully today, it's been like having a layer of goodwill draped around me in sumptuous comfort and warmth - very nice...I have finally arrived!.

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