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Engine Glow Working... Finally!

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I finally got the Engine Glow working in Epoch Star. As soon as I have retextured my space ships to take advantage of the new effect I will have it out there. Earlier I had a problem with my stencil buffer. As it turns out, I was unable to create a second stencil buffer that fit my glow texture. As a result, If I reduced my glow surface to less than 800 x 600, I was not able to use a stencil buffer... but if I left it at 800 x 600, my pixel shader performance was devastating my frame rate. I finally created a third "Reduced" texture that was 400x300. I rendered my glow polys to my glow surface which used the same stencil as my back buffer. I then switched my render target to my reduced surface, and rendered my glow surface to it. With this new reduced glow surface, I was able to create my glow effect with reasonable performance.

Here's a Screen Shot:

Epoch Star - Space RPG
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