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I was sitting around today and decided to order a stick of RAM. My system is pretty much a standard thing from HP.

P4 2.4 Ghz
512 MB DDR soon to be a gig
80 Gig HD
and a RADEON 8500 I bought off of a friend for $50 about 2 or 3 years ago I think.

I've been meaning to upgrade for a while now, but just hadn't gotten around to it. So now i'll have a gig of RAM, which I suppose should be cool, it'll be a pretty good system. Next order of business will be a new video card I guess.

I haven't really got a clue about what I should get in the way of a video card right now. I know that I want it to support DirectX 9 so that I can have some of the cool effects i've missed from HL2, I want it to be stable of course, and I want it to not be obsolete in the near future when the next big thing hits the shelves, just in case i'm interested [wink].

I don't know if it was the 8500 or just ATI in general, but I haven't liked their drivers. Seems like i've heard they're not notorious for good drivers, but I don't know. I don't think I want a Geforce for performance reasons, as the HL2 reviews I read said that the Geforce's didn't perform nearly as well. I don't want to spend over $100, and if I can sell my 8500 i'd up the price by whatever it sold for.

In other news, I don't have to retake Calculus II, which is quite a relief. WORST. CLASS. EVER. I hated it at least, but on the bright side, I don't think I have any more required Math classes to take, just CS, which is what I like. Happy times...
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