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Into the Fire!

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It's been a hectic week! I've been essentially computer-less since late last week. Most of the time, it hasn't been too bad since I've also been taking a road trip with my son and enjoying the time with him. In fact, I have to say that I really enjoyed my trip and wouldn't have traded the time with Nicky for anything. He's getting so grown-up!

Also stopped by my dad's for a brief visit on Thursday. He's very happy for me. In fact, pretty much everyone seems to be happy for me. Including me.

Sunday afternoon, Nicky flew home. Apparently, he was on the same flight as a good friend of mine and we all sat around in the same terminal for 4 hours without noticing each other, waiting for the the flight. *sigh*

Sunday night was ... well, boring. My laptop isn't due to arrive till next Wednesday. But on the bright side, I've been getting a lot of reading done =)

My first day of work today was highly interesting. I'm definitely being thrown into the fire and my first deliverable deadline is in 2 weeks. Guess I better ramp up quickly, huh. In all honesty, though, I'm glad for the challenge. It feels so good to actually BE challenged at work again.

Of course, my first day of work was spent getting my machine set up - it's a beefy monster of a machine, too. After a few hours of software installs and learning the dev setup here, I finally got the codebase compiling. Of course, when I ran it, I got a blank green screen. Hmmm, guess I did something wrong. =)

Ah well, I have lots of code to study, so time to cut this short.
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In fact, pretty much everyone seems to be happy for me. Including me.
I'm happy for you too. Good luck with that green screen!

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Your journal is an inspiration. Your story is moving.

Also, something to consider:

Immature (redundant) The neigborhood children are likely to be kindly informing your son that Nicky is a girl's name. Simply thought Id note it. [smile]

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He actually goes by Nick to almost everyone else. But as his parents, we're just used to calling him Nicky from a young age. He ended up having people start calling him Nick a couple years ago, likely because of other kids, I suspect. All part of growing up - and as parents, we have to have SOMETHING to embarrass him with when he starts dating.


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