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## Playstation 3

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Two things.

One... Look what I bought!

Two... Sony announced the PS3 today. I'm not impressed. I retract my previous statement about being semi-impressed by the XBox 360 as well. I might be the only one with this opinion, but god damnit I don't want to buy a fucking media center. I want to play video games. Not listen to music on it or watch DVDs. That is why I have a DVD player and a CD player. Neither one of those play video games, so why should my console do what they do. If they put all their effort into video game entertainment instead of 75% games and 25% everything else, then the gaming part would be that much better. Damnit. I don't want a flippin media center.
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At least it's backwards compatible. I never used the DVD player on my PS2 either but my kid does on his. I don't really understand what you want from the PS3. The only thing I wish was different about the PS2 was the learning curve of the API. What could they make better about the PS3? Take the DVD player out?

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I want to play video games. Not listen to music on it or watch DVDs.

I take it you don't like the PSP either...

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Actually I have one and I love it. See my new entry for details.

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