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I sat down yesterday to start working on developing the central process station for my NPC objects for C.F.L. Up until this point the initial frame work for the system has been in place, but I have yet to make it functional. It had been a few months sense I had really looked at my code, and I came across about four other segments that I had yet to finish. These segments were my battle system, and other parts of my chance system that have to do with random events such as bad luck, good luck, and a few others. So, I've been spending the last twenty four hours or so working on that, and I'm not even a third of the way finished. For these systems there are a large amount of switch statements that are picked according to a pseudo randomly generated number, for the battle system alone there are total of fourthousand. That's a lot of writing. Especially when I'm trying to make each of them as original as possible.

Creating a dynamic world isn't easy either. I've gone about attempting to simulate a more realistic world by having each NPC object, which there is about 75 in the game thus far, be able to fully interact with each other to the same extent that the player can, as well as the objects in the game world. The whole idea is to have the NPCs interact with the world based upon their own motives and interest, and have those motives and interest created in response to events that unfold each time the program is ran. IN essensce, each time the player takes a turn, a call to process NPC events is made, and based upon current game flags, individual NPC flags, weather conditions, and other such events, an action for each NPC is calculated and carried out. THis will hopefully cause for a unique gameplay experience for each individual player, within the rules of the game world. Once I finish with the other modules that I had forgotten about finishing, and I have this system in place, I will begin on creating further content for the game world.

A quick question for other developers : As far as creating the save modules for a game, do you generally create all your content first, and then your save modules? I personally for this game created my save and load modules along side my frame work. I have found this effective as if I need to modify information, I can simply go in and add additional information to be saved and loaded by simply adding additional objects. How do you guys go about it?
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