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The 6 legged donkey from jupitar...

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Hey all

That title got your attention [smile]

I'm feeling alot better since my last entry. The flu-esque virus I had has subsided somewhat. If i don't take any medicine I do feel like hammered shit though.

I've been doing a bit more to my GUI Editor. Just got a few more things sorted out in my head as far as the mechanics of the tool are concerned and also been thinking ahead a bit :0!
I have been thinking how my GUI will interface with my engine in the most efficient and easy way. What I have decided (i'm not sure if this is the norm for engines) to have events (bit like windows) and with those events, eg OnClick for buttons, I have a script file and function within a script file linked to that button. When the button is clicked, the GUI pushes the function onto the engines 'script stack' which means that events script will be processes first (kinda reverse to a message queue). How I figure it, GUI events take priority over other aspects of the engine. I'm sure this view will change the further I develop sys.Stak, but thats my view at the moment.
This way I can have the whole GUI events driver completely modular to the engine so I can edit it outside of the engine.

My overall aim, as you may have noticed, is to make my engine as modular as possible and have the main driving unit of the engine as bare-bones as is can be.
This way, I have far more control to develop outside of the engine.

As far as programming is concerned, i've started on my Edit Box widget. I have always dreaded this and, I now know, with reason. Label, window, icon and button widgets are so easy since they don't require their own input method or removal of text to only display a section within the widgets area. I know how I'm gonna do it, its just gonna be really laborious to implement. The GDNet lounge has not helped me the past few days since I find myself frequenting there when I have intentions to do more to my GUI Editor. Madness.

In other news, i now have a really nice new small T-Shirt from Cyberdog.
My camera has run out of batteries so heres a description:
As with everything from Cyberdog, it is a cool club scene t-shirt with circuit pattern all over it on black material.The circuit pattern is dull gray until you shine direct light on it, at which point it shines up. Its really nice!

I also have quite a decision infront of me-
spend some of this months wage on a Geforce 6600LE from XFX (~200) or a new camera (~280).
Cannot for the life of me make up my mind...!

over and out

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