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I'm really tired today, but I don't know why. I figure that if I'm going to do any real work on Stompy today, it will be something trivial like the High Score table. My project for tommorrow is to start making a game object manager for Stompy.

In other news, I'll probably watch some of the E3 stuff on G4 today. I've heard plenty about the XBox 360, some stuff about the PS3, and nothing about the Nintendo Revolution. This dosen't suprise me, seeing as how you don't really hear much about the gamecube either. I'm wondering what the Revolution will look like. I personally like the design of the GameCube, because it is very small and light. I hate nintendo's trend of making their game CDs/carts smaller and smaller. Those DS carts or cards look very easy to lose. Actually, I think I lost my little metroid prime demo thingy that came with my DS.

In even less related news, Bungie is doing a good job of making new maps for Halo 2. It's about time!
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Revolution has been anounced Stompy. Big CDs are in, so you wont have much trouble there. This thing is going to rock.


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Yeah, I saw it last night on G4. Gotta love the old game downloads, which is probably why I'll buy it.

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