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## And finally, Revolution

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So Nintendo unveiled Revolution finally. I don't care, call me a fanboy if you want, but I like it. It looks prettier than the 360 and the PS3.

Pictures here

I hope the system will work lying down rather than standing up, because I just think it'd look better than way. And I hate that stupid silver stand it has. It makes it look like the console was cut with some funky angles on it.

It's only "two to three" times faster than the Gamecube, whereas the 360 is 13-15 times faster than XBox and PS3 is roughly 35 times faster than PS3, but that doesn't really mean much. Games might be prettier, but are they as fun?

For as long as Nintendo has been around, they've made good games. They might not be on top of the "ohhh that looks so real and the physics are psnage!!ONE!", but Nintendo has plenty of classics that keep me going back such as Mario and Zelda.

Revolution does have some cool things going for it though.

"we do know that the system will house 512 MB of flash memory; a dual-format front-loading disc drive which handles both DVDs and GCN-format discs; wireless controllers; two USB 2.0 ports; and built-in Wi Fi support."

That is pretty cool, but the thing that really grabs my attention is this:

"the Revolution will give players access to Nintendo's back catalog of games. That's right: you'll be able to download classic titles for the Nintendo 64, Super NES, and original NES systems -- in addition to playing your library of GameCube titles."

All I can say is, if it works as good as it sounds, then HELL FUCKING YES. Also, free online play! WOOHOO!

I'm just looking forward to actual hardware specs.

And on a side note, Nintendo is making _another_ GBA. I wish they'd quit redesigning the GBA and make a new one already. (for those who are going to say "They did, it's called the DS." Nintendo had previously stated that the DS isn't a new GameBoy system.)

And on ANOTHER side note... mmmmm Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess ... *drool* I love it.

Yes, I sound like a fanboy. Oh well. I will be buying a PS3 and a Revolution. 360 can die. :) What the fuck is up with the PS3 controller?!
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The Revolution looks really cool actually. I'll probably buy it simply because of the ability to download classic games.

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I'm curious as to how it'll work. It'll have a 512mb flash card, but that won't be enough to hold a game. Also, how much will it cost?

Time will tell, but it'll be cool!

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Now...the real "holy shit" would be if you could play old multi-player NES games over the 'Net like you can with MAME :)

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I'm sorry, I would pay 300 dollars UP FRONt for any system that can instantly download the complete library of Nintendo games. And yes, if they put old games online it would be sweet. I would love playing Double Dash online as opposed to having to go out of your way completely to use warp-pipe. Plus the backwards compatibility. This is is worth any price tag they put on it. I'm so there. And they havn't even announced the controller yet. I'll be very disappointed if it's just a souped up cude controller with a touch pad though. But either way, power to Nintendo.

Nintendo is rising again, and this time, they're on fire!


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It's not very pretty to me, infact, this is the first thing that came to mind.

I am also a fan of nintendo however as they were the first 8bit system I ever had and put my Atari to rest. Still though, to me it would make more sense if Nintendo left the console wars and just concentrated on making games, as this is where their strength's lye. I mean, their consoles really haven't been impressive sense super days. But I suppose that there are so many loyal fans out there, that they can continue to make new games for thier systems alone, and people will buy the systems just to play the classic saga's continuation. Nice marketing strat, but stupid, as I can almost predict that this will be their last console run.

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To be honest, it reminds me of a vhs tape when it's not on the cradle - in the cradlle it does look good, but it makes me wonder with all the connectors on top how stable it will be.

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