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Glowing Lights... Good or Bad.

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I added some glowing lights to my space station. I'm not sure what I think about them yet.

Here's a screen shot:
Epoch Star Stories and Legends
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They seem a bit out of place. They don't quite have a "purpose" on the station other than looking...glowy. I can'tthink of a reason why a space station would look like that, which is why I think it looks awkward.

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Yeah, I was going for a kind of "Glowy Window" look. But the look really doesn't capture what is in my head. I'm thinking of just going back to the steel look, which I'm not crazy about either, but doesn't look quite so awkward.


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I'm thinking of just going back to the steel look
I think that's a good idea. The new glows take away from the previously added ones. Which look great by-the-way.

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I haven't seen it in action, but would it be better if the black was transparent?

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They do look a little blurry. Maybe if you made them as bright little squares of light they would look like windows on the ship.

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I think it would look better if I rendered this glow texture on top of another more solid looking texture. The only problem is my engine does't support this right now. What I did, is added a little check on all my texture files to see if the file name starts with a '-' character. If it does, I make the texture glow. What I need to be able to do, is have certain files that render to the solid surface, and then render a different texture to the glow surface... or I should possibly just scrap the glowing window idea.

Any ideas?

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