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It's like writing a long journal entry or post and feeling like you said it perfectly, and then you accidentally push a button which refreshed the page and you lose it all. No matter how many times you try, you just can't write anything new that captures it the same way as the lost words.

About a month or so ago, I left my laptop on top of a friend's car (it's a long story), and he drove off. We found it down the road very much in tact! Unfortunately, the hard drive, being the most sensitive part of the computer, had broken. I lost everything, though I have most of my stuff on my desktop as well; everything except my graphics project! Guys, backup your stuff whenever you can. I felt like I finally had a solid framework and something solid to build off of. I liked the way I had written every part of the program. Unfortunately, I can't seem to rewrite it nearly as well. For some reason I just can't get into it, and I just can't get anything going. Sigh.
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What I'm about to say is a no brainer. What happened to you happens to everyone at least once. Don't try to remake the old. Try to make something better. Look at this as an opportunity. If you are having problems getting motivated then get off your butt and go jogging. It'll do wonders for your attitude.

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Thanks man. It wasn't a whole lot of code, but the code that was there was good (tested, robust, and I liked the patterns). You're right though, I should stop trying to recover the old and just make something new. I should use CVS this time [grin]

I'm more of a biker than a runner, and I should get on it more often. Probably would do me good.

I just looked at your neural network stuff. Fascinating stuff! I can't wait to get a basic rendering system up so that I can do some cool AI tricks. Good job man!

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