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I spent about six hours reading yesterday. This is a good thing because I have about ten books that I recently bought that I have yet to read. The book I was reading was Visual C++ Goodies by various people from CodeGuru.com . Effectively the book is a collection of various articles from people on the website, and essentially gives ideas, practices, and code for getting some advanced features out of the MFC. Well, I personally am no fan of the MFC, but seeing as how I decided a little while ago to use them for my 2d editor Myrrh, this book is proving to be a valuable resource. I just thought I'd share that.

I'm finally getting back into a decent production schedule that allows me to dedicate at minimum four hours a day to my two projects. It feels good to be on a productive path again.

I recieved an e-mail a couple days ago in regards to an apprentice ship program that I had applied two as many as four months ago. It turns out the program is one that helps people get certified in AAA, MCSE, and a few other certifications, but the program cost $14,000 dollars. It's in association with Microsoft and Wells Fargo, and seems somewhat interesting, but I don't know if it's something that I want to pursue. I mean it's not really an apprenticship, it's more of a help you get certified program, with placement assistance. Granted it's cheaper then say the technical school that I attended a few years back, but in theory couldn't I just get the resources to take the test myself, and all for a lot cheaper then $14,000? Something I'll have to look into further.

I'm looking to relocate at the end of this year to an area where there is more of a game associated active community. Not really any that I know of here in Iowa, besides the stuff at the UNI's that are as many as 1.5 hours away, and even then I don't think that they have great communities. I was looking at possibly some Canadian destination. If any body has any ideas that they'd like to share with me on that, I'd be all eyes.
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Toronto :)

I only moved here about 3 months ago and I absolutely love it!

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