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Model Wednesday

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I've implemented the cloud, rain particles, and grass particles into the Evaluation stage of the NNAI thingy. But the real reason I'm posting is to show you my latest 3D model creation. It's a bunch of trip shrooms growing on a mycelium cake (a mixture of grain and vermiculite inoculated with spores for the mycelium to grow). I figure if people buy pot 3D models from me they'll probably buy trip shrooms too. Actually my fish tank model has been the best seller so far.

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Waitwaitwait. You make money selling pictures of psychedelic mushrooms?!

Whatta world whatta world.

How much for a cartoon bulldozer?

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You like your drugs
I take less drugs than anyone I know. Just vitamins, beer, and orange juice for me please. [smile] The models are just a niche. I try, occasionally, to create things that don't already exist in the market place.

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