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         Items here: corpse_of_bossk corpse_of_bossk corpse_of_bossk corpse_of_bossk corpse_of_ravuya corpse_of_bossk
corpse_of_ravuya corpse_of_ravuya corpse_of_bossk corpse_of_archwizard corpse_of_ravuya corpse_of_waffles
corpse_of_bossk corpse_of_ravuya corpse_of_ravuya corpse_of_ravuya corpse_of_waffels corpse_of_waffles
corpse_of_ravuya corpse_of_waffles corpse_of_bossk corpse_of_ravuya corpse_of_bossk corpse_of_archwizard Lightsaber
corpse_of_archwizard corpse_of_bossk corpse_of_bossk corpse_of_ravuya corpse_of_waffles corpse_of_waffles
corpse_of_waffles corpse_of_waffles corpse_of_waffles corpse_of_bhvrctkvfq corpse_of_sdaowlsxze corpse_of_bpmjdeoycd
corpse_of_waffels corpse_of_baugfbdyzz corpse_of_waffles corpse_of_stajxlumqj corpse_of_rknqgdjowj corpse_of_waffles
corpse_of_rfioicyemf corpse_of_waffles corpse_of_waffles corpse_of_skuodqxday corpse_of_yymmtnvtvh corpse_of_hgdpgihbnf
corpse_of_hdzpiqshmj corpse_of_cjbwltqpgn corpse_of_khxflhfsgz corpse_of_apdidzselp corpse_of_zgzejlwxuw corpse_of_moeenfgvcb
corpse_of_nwxqmuwocr corpse_of_waffles

I think this is the last time I let toxic hippo and bossk go at it in a crowded area on my MUD...
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