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Back to the Geeking

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I can already tell how much I'm going to enjoy this job. My first three days have been a whirlwind of activity - getting the codebase set up on my machine, digging through the source trying to grok what it's doing, learning my way around the campus, getting to know my co-workers, and working on my first task. For the first time in many years, I feel content in my career. Now if only I didn't miss my family so much, life would be perfect.

Monday I spent mostly just getting things installed on my machine and learning how to use the tools. Yesterday and today I spent really digging into the codebase and grokking how it works. I still don't have a great handle on it, but I'm diving in-depth into a few pieces and have at least a shallow understanding of many more parts, including some of the underlying engine architecture. This has allowed me to actually start contributing on at least a basic design level for my first task. By tonight, I had worked it out enough and done sanity checks with other devs enough to ask for some art assets to test the new pieces, so this was a good step.

Tomorrow, I get to try my hand at a design document to put down in writing what I'm intending to implement. Would be nice if I knew what the boundaries were on what I can talk about here. I'll have to ask soon as I actually want to post some of the details (which are quite fascinating, imho) and gather feedback on the ideas.

So far, this really is a wonderful work environment for me. My manager rocks, my coworkers are very helpful and knowledgeable, my dev machine is a monster (a good thing), and my cube is about the best cube I could ask for (given that I have to have a cube rather than an office; it's a corporate culture thing - everyone here has cubes). I have a nice window cube overlooking the central lawn area and its a generally quiet, peaceful area of the building. Best of all, I have a really neat email address -

Anyway, I have my flight booked for the night of June 3rd to come back to Seattle for the weekend. I'll definitely be needing the break by then, I suspect. In the meantime, I'm having the time of my life digging into this job - it really is everything I'd hoped for in the game industry.
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Im happy for you. Whens the family coming back again to make your incomprehensibly amazing happy tale complete? After school is over?

Is Nick still old enough to do bring your parent to school show and tell? Major cool points for having a parent who makes videogames. [grin]
I can imagine it now:

Nick: "Well my dad makes video games! Yeah thats what I thought".


Embarassed perpetrator slinks away in shame.

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LOL! Too funny =)

For a number of reasons, my wife and son are staying in Seattle till at least Christmas, likely till next May or so. Sucks. But life is what it is.

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