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So what do we got here, the XBox 360 vs. PS3 vs. Revolution. Yay!

Although the new XBox Live looks pretty cool, it can't stop the main problem with XBox Live. Now let me first point out that if you're 13 or younger, no XBox Live for you. Now, I'm older than 13, but even I don't wear a microphone most of the time. I usually only wear the microphone when I'm playing with friends online. Now personally, if your 13 or younger, I don't mind you playing, just take off your microphone. It seems to me like every 10 year old boy who goes on XBox Live needs to swear constantly in order to act big. Sadly, it is hard for them to be tough when they have the voice pitch of a 5 year old girl who just inhaled helium. I'm playing a game the other day with a friend, and in comes some 10 year old kid (I'll assume he's 10 for now). "Hey! Are you guys [insert insanely inappropriate act here]" is what the kid yells. I reply, "Do you even know what [insert insanely inappropriate act here] means?". Than I boot him from the game.

Now, this doesn't happen in all games. I mostly only see it in Halo 2. I don't know what it is about Halo 2, but the whole kindergarten class seems to be drawn to that game. They come armed with such brilliant names as "1337Halo" and "TRI3KS!"(Not real names, but pretty close). I've even heard a kid crying on Halo 2 because his little halo man character got beaten to death.

So parents, if little Timmy ask for XBox-Live, JUST SAY NO!
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