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Pushing foward at light-speed

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So last night, I did the final touches, on the completion of the lost region tower puzzles, wherein the lost king awards you with his crown, and fades away into the ether. (it's quite dramatic having played it through =D)

and now I am on the final polishing step for the lost region, which is, the encounters with the lost prince.

The lost prince, is the son of the lost king(duh), and if things had gone well in life, the prince would have eventually ascended the throne.

However, due to unforseeable and suden tainting of the mana well, (which they partook of, thousands of years before the Leowyns), everyone, prince and king alike, fell prey to mana poisioning and subsequently died.

In life, the prince was spoiled and malicious, and it is only right to think he is the same in death.

The prince wants the king's crown more than anything, and it is the reason why he still lingers.

During your journies through the lost region, before you have lit all four towers, the prince will be periodically visiting you, he will reveal much of the lost region's history, and will try to persuade, threaten and scare, you away from the lost region, since you are after his prize.

After lighting the lost region you gain the king's crown(an artifact), and the prince sees his oppourtunity to take it, by killing you.

If you kill him (by chopping him to itty bitty bits, and dispelling the mana that keeps his corpse reanimated) then you will gain his ring (another artifact), and the hold he had over the tomb entry gates will be broken, the tomb is filled with treasures/artifacts(however they are guarded by puzzles)

once the towers are lit and the prince is dead, the lost region will be free of evil, and you will have completed 1/4 of the game. There are 14 puzzles in the lost region, yeilding 11 artifacts. Since the puzzles are mostly non-linear you need not do them all. But you must get at least 15 out of 20 artifacts in order to purify the mana well.

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I get the feeling you are really looking forward to playing Morning's Wrath, eh? =D

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Hehe, I don't think we ended up using any of the puzzles you did, except for maybe the thief one, but that is in the castle.

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I get the feeling you are really looking forward to playing Morning's Wrath, eh? =D

O ya, for sure!! I'l be the first one in line [smile]

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