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Thursday Update

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So, this is my second post, I'm thinking a twice-a-week posting scheme (with an optional weekend post) would be a good goal. I say goal because I'm usually pretty bad about logging my progress on journals/logs/emails/blogs/etc.

Episode 3? Fantastic. I played hookie for a few hours at work today, it was worth it. I suggest even the most skeptical fan, or non-fan, to go see it. It's so gripping how the best of intentions can go oh-so wrong.

Code? Yeah, I've done some of that this week, but not as much as I would have hoped. We're in crunch mode here at work, and it's chewing into my fun-time (yeah, yeah, I should have skipped out today...blah blah blah).

So, my original design for my GUI system called for all the basic contrls, designed and defined in XML, and I'd use Lua to handle events and allow on-the-fly modifications. Sound familiar? Yeah, it's like Crazy Eddie's GUI. I just found out his system existed two days ago. I spent some time looking into the library, and it looks good, but it's missing animation support! I've already got that coded up and I'm only a few steps away from having it done...so I'm going to stick with my own code for now.

Thus far I've got the following controls done
-Static Text
-Static Image
-Push Button
-Check Box
-Radio Button(s)
-Single line edit box

As I mentioned previously, this is all done in XML with Lua to handle events (which can call back into the C++ code if a get/set on a control's attribute is needed). I've also got key-frame based animation going too, which seems to work OK.

I'm about 50% done with a list box control (not multi-column). After that I'm thinking scroll bars, dialog-box, multi-column list box, and then some minor cosmetics to clean it all up. I *could* take some screenies and post them, but the textures I'm using are so horrible it would be embarasing :) If I get around to making some non-sucky textures I'll do up some screenies.

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