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More Glow Pics.

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I got my lights to look better. Basically I added additional logic to look for textures beginning with a '+' character. If it found one, it would look for a corresponding glow map texture beginning with a '-' that had the same name otherwise. So I created a '+windows.jpg' texture file and stored it's glow map in '-windows.jpg'. That way, I can get a glow texture overtop a static texture. I also threw a few gratuitous station shot pics in here just because I like the way they turned out. [smile]

Epoch Star - Stories and Legends

Epoch Star - Game pics

Epoch Star - Download and Play the Game

Epoch Star - Space Alien Adventure

Epoch Star - How to play the game
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Commander Znerk, I must admire the boldness of the designers of our space station. Few spacecraft designers are so bold as to so brazenly utilize hot pink in the design of their ships.

Far as I can tell, the only other one was a 21st century Earth woman named Shelly Hattan.

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The races that live in the Epoch Star galaxy are a pretty socially liberal bunch. [smile]

I was going for Purple... but I still like the way it looks.

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