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Some bug fixing

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Do you know the bug that is the hardest to fix ? The one that doesn't exist.

Let me explain: some days ago i had a performance problem with my engine. For some reason, all the rendering calls seemed to run extremely slowly (by a factor of 10 or about). Nothing seemed to change after i rebooted or reinstalled the latest drivers.. and i didn't change any major thing in my rendering code. I spent, oh well, about 3 hours ? trying to find the cause of this problem.

Finally i got it: i forgot that i had installed GLtrace (a DLL to record GL calls in a text file) in my app's directory in order to test something, some days before. Once my tests were done, i completely forgot to disable GLtrace. So it was still running and logging everything.. every single GL call! No surprize it became slow!

Yesterday i also fixed a small bug in my planet code. I was implementing planet revolutions (self-rotation around an axis) and forgot that my scene graph is fully hierarchical. When a planet was rotating, it made its moons follow the rotation movement too (not only the translation). In order to fix that, i had to split each planet into a center of mass, and an actual body. The fix was easy to implement.
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I once made a mistake when making a logging system that wrote a message to the log every iteration of the game loop. I opened the log and saw that I had 5000 game loop messages.

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In the same genre, i once had a log system that opened the log file in append mode. After months not caring i discovered the log file had grown to more than 3 Gb. Always fun.

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Yup, it probably won't open in Notepad, but it's perfectly valid. Not fun, but valid [smile]

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