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Evaluating Languages

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Brandon N


I'm wondering whether to continue development on this with Python or not.

I'm considering the following:

  • Python:

    • Tons of built in utilities
    • Not strongly typed (duck-typed)
    • Can jump to C easily as is necessary
    • Lisp-style REPL in interpreter (good for quick testing of ideas)


    • Can't release without source (compiled Python easily decompiled)
    • Not on Win platforms natively, py2exe largely alleviates this

  • Lisp:


    • Swift development cycle (make it work, make it work fast)
    • Can jump to C with FFI


    • Will have to read up on the FFI of clisp or cmucl and get opengl up and working (very little documentation to be found on this)

  • C/C++:

    • Have existing code to borrow and build upon

    • Relatively slow development cycle
    • Have to write separate code for various os-specific functionality (sockets, graphics, input, window) (glut or equivalent can fix this)

  • Java:

    • Applets are a terrific medium of distribution (a la runescape)
    • Many built-in libraries
    • Already installed on most systems


    • Will need to relearn some things
    • Java is evil

Further thoughts:

Regardless of this project, I'd like to get a working lisp/sdl interface up.

Pyrex is worth looking into but it's certainly anything but graceful.
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Recommended Comments

Why don't you find Pyrex graceful? I was thinking that it might make a useful tool when you need to hide your source. And although I've heard several people say that decompiling Python is easy, I've not seen any up-to-date tools that actually manage to do this.

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Well, perhaps I should've expressed my concerns more properly. I was in a rush when I hammered this out (mostly so I could put down in writing my thoughts so as to better understand and analyze them),

I'm currently aiming for a zelda-esque multiplayer game. I don't intend on this making it anywhere, aside from it being a neat project to work on while learning a few things.

As is rather obvious, my only real qualm with Python is it's open nature. While you're correct in there being no real mainstream decompilers floating about, I know for a fact that there is at least one proprietary implementation that works rather well. Especially given Pythons increasing popularity, I expect to see similar, open ventures relatively soon.

However, what might make this entirely moot, is that I may release at least the client as open source.

Again, I'm fleshing things out.

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Let your game's design dictate the language to use, not the other way around.

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