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Not at all game development related

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Played hooky friday and saw Hitchhiker's Guide with Shelly.

Good show. I quite enjoyed it. It did deviate from the book quite a bit, but I've never been one who considered the original to be the inerrant pinnacle of humor. I was rather happy that they didn't stick with a couple of Adams' less funny subplots. I liked the Vogons a lot.

Ya know, I've got a hardcover Hitchhiker's Guide signed by the author. I'm saving it for another 18 years so I can use it to help pay Maggie's college fund.
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Playing hooky implies that you're skipping work.

"Tweaking coffee machine setup" != "work"

The point is subtle but important ;-)

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Also, all the mediums are supposed to be different. The radio show, which was first, was different from the books and so also was the movie written to deviate.

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I'd marked the the guide movie as a renter partially because of the lukewarm reviews and partially because it had been covered so well in the BBC radio show and TV miniseries. I'll definately have to watch it at some point. So far I've liked all of the incarnations except for the Infocom (I think it was them) computer game.

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