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Planet's revolution: done

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Today i managed to finish the implementation of the planet's revolution. It was a bit tricky to convert the matrix to quaternions, interpolate the quaternions, and get back a matrix, especially due to precision problems. But it's now working.

In addition to this, a body near a planet follows its motion (translation AND rotation). Which means that if you land on the surface of a planet, the ground will look motionless, but the space background (stars, other planets) will look like it's slowly moving.

I tested that by travelling from Earth to Amalthea (a moon of Jupiter, of 83 Km's radius), attending a Jupiter-rise.

It was kind of magic, i must say. With correct graphics, it should look pretty amazing.

I still have to finish some basic stuff about physics (the space station must be in orbit around a planet - at the moment it's just in space void), then i'll move back on the graphics engine. Integrating the space box, the nebulaes (i got another idea to experiment), the milky way, and finally the planet terrain engine. This should take between 1 or 2 months, but don't take my word on it..
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