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Did a walk for authritis (sp!?) today in the city. Very fun, yay happy. School is ending, it makes me happy. I will have more time to, well, whatever I want to do. I'll probably get a job, a job would make me happy. Well, anyhow, about coding...

I've gotten all sorts of good stuff done. Full collision detection, scrolling backround and objects, and jumping. Here's the latest screenie:

Now I'm moving on to enemy entities. I think for the purpose of keeping the scroller code simpler, and a bit more original, I could design the code so that my character has a close-combat weapon instead of shooting something. This way I could just do:

if(collision_detectiong_here() && player.isattacking)

if(same_collision_detection() && !player.isattacking)

The enemy code shouldn't be too hard to write I think (...hope). I figure if I'm going to start work on character design, I can start with concept art. Luckily, I am a perticular highschool who is like 'that cool kid with a couple of dorky friends', and these friends happen to be the kind that sit in the back of the classroom and draw bullsh*t pictures of things like video game and anime characters. So being in this position, I can get a reletively large amount of concept art for free.

I better enjoy it while I still can. And no, I'm not sharing.

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