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Source Code Management

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Referring to my previous journal entry about F1CM getting close to "crunch time"...

Got round to setting up a CVS repository for the code I've been working on. For no particular reason, this'll be the first time that the other developers on the project will have had to work on my code...

One of the people on the team recommended the use of Tortoise CVS to interface with the server. I've not been using it for long, but so far I'm most impressed... If you're looking for similar, I recommended it

Which opens up a number of possibilities...

I like to believe that my coding standards are high, not so much that I'm a better programmer than the other team members, more that my code organization, comments and formatting are exceptionally good.

This should make it fairly easy for the other team members to get up to speed. Conversely, when they start working on the source code they need to maintain my "quality level" or there's a chance I'll get stressed out with them for "screwing it up" [grin]

In other news...

I went to London to see Esbjorn Svensson Trio on Friday night. Absolutely amazing.

I just love the tuneful, foot-tapping Jazz that they produce for their albums. When they play live they have this ability to take a 4 minute album track and go off in new directions during the track making it 3x longer (maybe!)... but it's the way that you recognise the intro to a track, the first chorus then you get 5mins of something new and original and then all three of them with perfect precision break back into the main track. Amazing. Truly amazing.

I dunno if there are many jazz fans kicking around these forums, but if so - you need to see E.S.T. [smile]

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