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Action RPG

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Dragon Warrior

well i took a look at garinham again, town map vs world map, and the glaring difference was just too much to think about. i figure that i shouldn't be fighting to keep as much of the original info in as possible. instead, maybe we can just plop buildings down on the world map as best as we can; that might do the job sufficiently.

if i were to try that, i'd have to make sure i was making room to fit the buildings as i was working on the screen divide terraform. i'd have to watch for how i was splitting the buildings so that a door wasn't at the edge of the screen, and whatnot. we have to ignore any useless geographical info in the towns and just keep the basic building info. throw out any trees and water and whatnot, in other words, and use the world-map as a basis for them.

here's a little sketch i drew (and the resulting info) at work today:

as you might be able to read at the bottom right, tantagel isn't going to need much changed. i think adding an outer wall and having a bit of courtyard will do the job sorta ok.. only so long as its big enough that people might not bother to look in all corners of it right away. in the original games if you walked a little bit too far, you exited town, and that made it tougher.

i'll look at the other locales later. i really need a full world map..

[edit: hmm.. it looks like you can't see the right edge of the castle map very well. doing a rescan now, to show the stairs.]

[edit: there we go. now you can see why it doesn't fit, and why we need to hack the map up a bit.]
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