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Still alive

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It's been awhile, but now I've finally found the time, and got some news.

The work on the thesis is going pretty well. I should be testing with the first pilots by the end of the week. I'm looking forward to it :D

I've also had a chance to work on Daedalus a little bit. I've refactored parts of the windowing code, and I've recently dug into the windows messaging queue a bit more. A fullscreen app is almost working correctly (Alt+Tab, minimizing, etc). Once this works on windows, I'm moving over to Linux again to fix any issues fullscreen might have on that platform as well. I've added some functions to the window class to allow the user to generate these messages as well (so you can minimize the fullscreen app from within the app itself), and added virtual functions so users can take action if these things happen.

After this is working, mouse interaction will be added in again. Shouldn't be much of a problem I think.

I do wish I had some way of developing/testing this stuff on a Mac as well, but alas. It'd be much easier to port to Mac now, before I add a lot of other stuff (even though that other stuff should be platform indepenent).

On a sidenote, War of the Roses just wentover 100 downloads in the Showcase, woohoo. Makes me wonder how many people have downloaded it off my site.
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