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The Lost Region is finnished!

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A visit from the lost Prince, to urge you to leave:

That's right folks,

we are done polishing the lost region, which is half of the non-linear gameplay in MW.

This coupled with the existing polishing work, puts at half-way through the polishing phase (1/4 intro game,1/4 lost region)

We did this in a record time of two weeks, putting us two weeks ahead of scheduel.

I am very happy with the results of the Lost Region, it came out very close to our original vision and has lots to offer the player by ways of story, puzzles, items and battle.

Polishing work will continue on the castle maps as planned, with my additional aid (since I was doing the LR),which should make them finished even faster.

Morning's Wrath is on the fast-track to done-ness =D
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we are done polishing the lost region, which is half of the non-linear gameplay in MW.
That's "pollishing".

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Yup, he is indeed.

He is fairly benign during most of the Lost Region gameplay.

He urges you not to do his fathers will by relighting the four towers.

Because in doing so you will bring light back to the lost region, and subsequently be awarded with the Lost King's crown, which by right is the prince's.

If you DO light the towers and recieve the crown, then you are in for a world of trouble =)

The prince resolves to take back the crown by force, (i.e. kill you), he is a pretty tough enemy, with stats like these he should be feared:

Vitality 50
Spirit 50
HP 500
MP 500
Protection 20
Agility 60
Wisdom 80
Strength 10
SpellDamageLO 20
SpellDamageHI 50

Unlike most casters, he follows you, while lobbing four different types of fire spells at will.

I took some cool game footage with my new camcorder of me getting pwned by him.

I will probably upload a video of it within the week.

here is a screen shot of me dead with him gloating over my ruin.


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