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Every Step is Another Crossroads

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This entry is an attempt to set up a schedule for the next few moments of my life. It will also serve as a general review of what I've already done since beginning this cycle. I generally consider joining the GDNet journals, which coincided with a stable version of my dev library, to be the starting point of this revolution.

What's been done so far...
  • Graphics Lib Dx9
    • A variety of classes to easily manage common 2D and 3D operations. Too much to list.
  • Animation Lib Cal3D
    • Partially rewritten animation library to support animation classes in the above graphics library.
  • Plugins
    • Exporters for custom static and animated file formats. Max and Milkshape. The two M's in my art factory.
  • Material Editor
    • Dang that's another M. Import and export static and animated model formats to apply basic and or shader materials.
  • Ai Lib
    • A few base classes to manage neural networks and genetic algorithms.
  • PRT Demo
    • Precomputed radiance demonstration using Dx9's simple interface.
  • Glow Demo
    • Blur some textures rendered from a bloated clone of a target model then paint the textures over the scene. Also used the material editor to make realistic glass and refractive paint.
  • MySQL PHP Website
    • My website That other Neil Kemp couldn't get this one because he's a Brit. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Its database-driven, has a simple design, and a control panel for content management.

What's next...

I've nearly finished the Neural Mower demo. It's been a great learning experience creating this little training and evaluation program but before I can complete and release it I will first need to finish 3 other projects. They are:
  • Sound Lib Dx9
    • A basic multi channel sound and midi player with a simple mixer class for the sounds.
  • ResoPack Lib
    • An encryption file packing library for resource files. It will include a simple file system with directories.
  • ResoPack Tool
    • A graphical interface for the packing library.
Once these things are added I'll be able to add sounds to the Neural Demo and pack up all of the resources in my current demos before moving forwards.

Speaking of forwards...

While working on the sound and packing libraries I'll also continue developing resources and early tools for my 4th and final demo of the summer. It will be called Forest Troll. Forest Troll is another artificial intelligence demo which will depend heavily on my graphics library to render a small 3D world where an intelligent Troll has taken up residence. Ever since I played Black & White I have wanted to create my own creature AI and so now I'm going to. Here is the troll I'll be using. Thanks to Ghoulish Arts (Max) for making such a perfect creature model.

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Your image link is broken. Looks like you didn't close the string correctly.

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So is Forest Troll going to be a game or just a program that continuously runs while the Troll keeps on learning? I think it'd be kind of cool for it to just run for a long time and see how the troll develops... he's like a pet.

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So is Forest Troll going to be a game or just a program that continuously runs while the Troll keeps on learning?
Don't know yet. Either way it should be open ended.

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Damn, that's a lot of code you've written already. Most impressive! I'll look forward to playing with the Troll =)

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