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Yay! Developer Demo!

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I just noticed that I had a demo of Stompy which has been worked on significantly recently. I figure you Stompy fans would enjoy to take a lookie at it. Have fun!

Latest Stompy developer demo

You can now change what weapon you're weilding using the number keys. Big thanks to Spudder of BPG for helping me add some of the new features. Today, I added the little box that is at the top right which weapon you're using.
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Recommended Comments

Very nice! I like how you intergrated life with more hectic play. Power-ups, new weapons, hectic Stompy gameplay! Very nice work.

And, well, my (literally) two cents:

1. Health powerups should become slightly more frequent as the game goes on. It almost seems they get less frequent, but maybe that's just the chaos-induced daze talking. I'm not saying throwing make it easier, but maybe just alittle more health to get you through the 2000 point+ range when the screen is packed with enemies.

2. Is there a pause button? If so, can you change weapons at the pause menu? If not, that would be great, cause I've died a few times from having to find a reletively safe spot on the screen and frantically search my keyboard for the right weapon prompt.

You know, just a couple of fan suggestions. Otherwise, great work! Keep it up, really!

High score for new demo: [edit]2350.


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