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Good Times

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How's everyone doing? I'm just chillin as usual. Got to meet another member of the team today and talk to Jacob some more, so that's good. Completely finished my prototype for the sidescroller. Here's the screenie:

I decided to make it a space backround since the best enemy bitmap I could come up with is the one I made for Space Invaders a few weeks back (check earlier entries). So staying thematic, I've come up with a pretty sexy program. It runs a little slower then I would like it too, but in the final implementation the scale will be much larger, so I'm hoping it all plays out really well. Well, I'll build that bridge when I get to it.

The enemy code is working great though. You assign them a platform and how far down the platform you want them, and then when they come on screen, they activate. Then they start moving left untill they get to the edge of their platform, turn around, and go to the other edge, and so forth. If they hit you, they deal you damage, and if attack them, they die and disappear. It's great, and all fully functional.

So looks like I am spending the next 24 hours establishing a firm concept artist (I've settled on this one guy I know, but he wasn't around today. I'll catch him tomorrow), and working on designing the game. Jacob says he'll have the proper design doc template up tomorrow, so I'll be up and ready in no time. Ugh, got to think of a temporary project name.

Wish me luck!

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Good luck! Oh and I hope chillin is a good thing because it sounds cold.

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Potential Names:

* Jumpy McJumperson
* Jump a Lot
* Platforms of Peril (or "Perilous Platforms")
* I Can't Believe It's Not Mario
* Bottomless Pit Threat
* Don't Fall In The Hole, You Idiot

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Lol, I would keep those if I was keeping the graphics. The bitmaps in the protoype will be changed to something more, well, snazzy. I'm going for a futuristic urban-type theme. We'll see about Jumpy Mc.Jumperson though.


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