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Turbulence tutorial

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In a fit of boredom, I hammered out another Accidental article the other day. It deals with some uses of Perlin noise for generating turbulence. Some pretty cool stuff can be done with it.

I've thought about changing things up with the next couple of articles. I thought about writing one or two about generating an entire level or area--not just individual techniques, but a composite of techniques I've discussed so far to generate a whole. A real world application, in other words. Someone suggested I should avoid introduction of completely new techniques into such a set of articles, and deal only with application of already-discussed methods. Probably a good idea.

We'll see how that pans out. In doing this turbulence article, I really felt the absence of 3D elements in the Accidental Engine; some of this stuff is pretty handy in generation of 3D terrain.
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