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Using XUL for real apps?

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I decided to stop buggering about with XUL, and try to make a real app with it. It's basically, a simple MySQL client, like PHPMyAdmin, but less sucky (A really simple target to start with, as PhpMyAdmin sucks IMMENSELY).

I thought that it should be able to be more usable and more responsive, if not more fully featured.

Anyway, progress is basically pretty good, in two half-mornings (well, doing a bit of real work at the same time), I've got the basic outline of the app working.

Currently it does
- Connect to server, prompting for server name, username / passowrd
- Lists databases and tables
- Queries individual tables - presenting the contents in a big listbox
- Page through the table, 10 rows at a time

All works pretty straightforward. There are some minor issues to overcome, but I think the principle is proved.

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That's pretty cool... Or should I say pretty XUL!!! AAAHHAHAHAHAA.... Okay, I'll leave.

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Hmm. XUL.. Never tried it, sweet app btw :) I'll look forward to using it at some point in the not too distance future :) (Looks over his shoulder at phpMyAdmin *rage*)

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