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The Project

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Alright, so I have the design doc template ready, and tomorrow morning I can begin writing. I have much of the concepts for the game intact. I have a little bit of a storyline going (nothing to fancy, just a little plot to get the game going), a few characters, some enemy ideas, and more then a few level ideas. Oh, and now I have a solid concept artist! Yippee, free work! Tomorrow I should have a character sketch to show for it. So now for the project name (drumroll):

Project Urban Scamper

Yaaay! What does it mean, you might ask! You'll have to wait a bit longer. The only hint you get is gang wars are a part of the plot (which is infact so underdeveloped that just two more hints of this nature would give you a fair rundown of the concepts developed thusfar). So anyhow, I'm hoping I can post up a few concept sketches. The design for the main character is pretty hit-or-miss, so I'm hoping he looks pretty badass, or else he'll just end up looking rediculous.

More soon! Must work on document!

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