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GUI Screenie

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OK. The GUI code isn't even close to being done, but it's a good start, and I *really* wanted to get up a screenie by tonight. So here it is!

Although it isn't tagged, the control at the bottom left is a radio button group (yes, I just reused my checkbox textures). The control at the top left is a very over-sized checkbox with corresponding label (note the tool-tip in action). In the middle is a static image control with my engine title. When you press the "OK" button it causes the static image control to play its animation, which is currently just a little shimmy & shake move.

Here is an example of the XML code to cook up the push button.
Note the tag which causes the lua script OnJiggle to be called (which actually triggers the animation on the other control).

There are lots more features that I've got working which aren't really visible via a screen shot, so perhaps when I get all of the base controls implemented I can push out a demo for all to play with. That's probably at least two or three weeks out though!

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Our engine is called, Flare

hopefully people don't get them mixed up.

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Probably not. Mine is just a simple top-down space-arcade engine/game (hence the solar part of 'Solar Flare'). Yours looks to be an isometric RPG. Yours also looks about 100 times more professional and further along :)

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