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Sorting my act out.

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I took time out yesterday to reflect on what I've managed through my many years of coding as a hobby, and it's pretty pathetic really, with respect to projects completed, and knowledge gained. Sure, I know a fair deal in about a dozen languages, but I feel that I really need to sort out my coding discipline, and my level of knowledge about surrounding technologies. My mathematic skills are pretty much non-existent also, *sigh*. With all this realization of my lack of talent and knowledge, I've decided it's time to turn around my lazy attitude.. If I'm going to choose software development to the one thing I'm good at, I should really try to be the best at it. So the plan is:

  • 40~ pages of design patterns a day
  • 40~ pages of code complete a day
  • 1 article a day from GD.net/flipcode/Gamasutra
  • part of a computer science past paper/further questions in engineering mathematics book

Hopefully I'll be able to stick to it, so far it's been two days.
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That seems pretty intensive. Especially when you get to the really tough stuff.

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Aye, I don't know how it'll be when I get to really gutsy theory, maybe mull over the same article for a couple of days I dunno, makes me feel a lot better about myself than just playing CS all day :)

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FYI it is much easier learning by building / modifying a codebase while going through articles and implementing patterns. You also will remember any mistakes you make and will remember a lot better than just reading theory.

Don't get me wrong, I have about 50 development books on my shelf that I read and use quite often, I just wanted to hammer the point that actually implementing a pattern will teach you a lot more than just reading about it and theory work.

I read a lot every day on various development / game development subjects, so my post in no way means that reading/theory is bad, just that you should mix it with implementation as it can help you properly understand the theory as well as implementation details.

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Woa, that seems like a lot of reading every day! Especially because technical stuff isn't as easily read as novels etc.. Are you bored at university? :P

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University(the course) is more boring than you could possibly imagine [smile]

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