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I need a holiday... oh wait, I am on holiday..

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Good evening all

This is a bit of a long post, but hopefully it'll keep you all entertained for the next 6 days (see later in the entry).

Coder's been working on NeXe. In particular we can now link in images using the [[img:url]] syntax. That rocks.

Up until now, I've left off writing some of the graphics-specific entries because they really need a diagram to support them. It's not quite perfect (that'd be a NeXe hosted image system!) but it's good enough for me [smile]

I submitted an article on debugging this afternoon. I really should've been working on a presentation at work, but to tell the truth - I couldn't be arsed [grin]. Instead, I dedicated IBM's time to writing a NeXe entry [rolleyes]

I got quite a long way with writing up the article, but it could go so much further. I spent a while thinking about how it'd apply to the wiki style - me and Coder were chatting on MSN about going for a vertical or horizontal "style". I'm in favour of horizontal as I think that'd be more valuable to people, but it does make writing articles such as the one on debugging difficult.

I want to expand the entry a bit (into other connected ones) on interpretting debug information. I can see a really good series of entries on how to debug DirectX applications - not just stuff I write, but stuff that anyone else can add tips and tricks to. If it works out, it'd be awesome.

For example, many people will be familiar with the "memory leak" debug output ([wink]). I want to write up the NeXe entry on it - as it's a common problem, and there are loads of possible bits-and-pieces that you can use to get all of the information that you need.

A while back, me and Evolutional worked on an article for this website - titled "Using XML Technologies For Enhancing Log Files". It seems to have disappeared.

I'm hoping that the staff just have it sitting on a pile somewhere waiting for review/processing/posting, but I haven't heard anything in the 5 weeks since I sent it to them.

Hopefully you'll be reading it in the near future - it's a good article if you don't mind my being a little bit arrogant [smile]

As referenced in the first paragraph of this entry, I'm off on holiday tomorrow. Just a short break over the bank holiday weekend.

I'm definitely due a holiday. I need a holiday.

I don't really know where I'm going, some 4-star hotel on the south-west coast of France. I heard it was 24-degrees wherever it is I'm going. Should be a nice sort of temperature for a pasty-white British programmer [grin]

I'll be spamming GDNet again from next Wednesday (1st June 2005) onwards...

I posted '"Fetchgals" on Source Forge' in the lounge this evening. Posting in the lounge is dangerous if one cares about their rating [oh]

So far it seems to have been largely ignored, but it'll only take one of the unix fanboys to dislike my laughing at their sterotype to knock me from my #22 position. Suppose it really isn't that important if they don't take a joke.

In other news... It seems that my friend Daerax stole me colours. I'm considering legal action.

Ooooh, I just got an email in my inbox asking for my advice "Since you're the foremost VB/DirectX expert, I decided I'd ask you if you happen to know." - I'm honoured [grin]. Best go read that one properly.

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Hope you have a nice vacation jollyjeffers.

That NeXe thing is pretty fun! I did the PRT entry and some others.

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Hope you have a nice vacation jollyjeffers.

Thanks! [smile]

I did the PRT entry and some others.

Should've put your name to the post - it's a good-un!


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You pasty white british programmer. :P

I might be going to Paris france round week of june 6th as well, to meet with Fruny and ToohrVyk.

NeXe > IBM nm

Id be willing to contribute to the wiki as well, just that I have no clue how to. It is not readily evident how editing works.

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