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Action RPG

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Dragon Warrior


lets get back to the town maps. tantagel town (brecconary) is almost alright to go with - except the item shop island:

err.. do i need to explain anything here? if i were to work a beach into the town or something, i could put the item shop on a wooden-built platform, and that would work pretty well for me.

(tantagel castle)

i went back to look at tantagel castle again and i'm positive i'm not putting it on the shore, because it just doesn't make any sense to.

i wanted to look at what having a castle outer wall would do, and i think it'd work pretty well if i need to force limited access to the keyshop and basement. most importantly though, i'm definitely not going to be putting the castle on the shore. noone does that. it'd sink into the sand, or whatever..

coming back to garinham. jesus, this one has completely fucked my brain. honestly! what is UP with all that water!

the only thing i (we - i involved a few people at work with this one) could come up with was that since the world map is zoomed out so far, a small pond or whatever wouldn't be noticed from there. i still maintain this is bullshit - but yeah i suppose its possible. all that's important though, is that you can't get into the big building without a key. once you're in, you need to find the hidden entrance - how to do that without giving it away is beyond me for now. once out back, its walled off anyways so you can't access it by walking around. that saves me some work. i'll just include that as part of the building from the outside, rather than trying to show it and giving it away.

in any case, i'm axing the water in the town altogether. there's just no goddamn reason for it. its not like its a port town right on the water or anything - there are no ships in this world... wait. aren't there? well, if i felt like pushing some interesting twists on the world, i could do that ^_^;; STILL. the town is neither a port originally, nor is it sitting on the water, to be mistaken for a port.

i'm going to post this much and we can move onto the next topic - monster ai.
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Wow! What you're doing is like uhmm way cool!
I haven't been really following along. But I will.
What are you making this with? Looks great!

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i honestly haven't decided yet. likely object-based c++ and allegro, but i could use it as an all-out learning project and go for dx. i guess we'll see what i'm feeling like when the design doc is complete.

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