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I like this version of Yoda better than George Lucas's:

I managed to get GeSHi installed on lameware.com so now I can view syntax hilighted source, and it's seamless with apache. For instance: My CSingleton class.

Notice how it's not some wonky-ass URL such as http://www.lameware.com/viewsource.php?file=/CSingleton.cpp. Good times.
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I never said my code was prefect ;)

But yeah, iRefCount never increments because it's, uhhhh, umm, a feature for the future, yeah! :P

And instance is public because .... uhh .... I'm sure I had a reason. Because I couldn't initialize it with the way I was using unless it was public. If it's private and I try to initialize it in the class functions, I get an error. That was the only way I knew to fix it.

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