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uber-optimize me!

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Hey all

I have just finished doing a bit more to my GUI Editor. I have currently got it so the edit box widget will only display enough characters within the widget to fill the display area- a bit like windows edit boxes when you have a string longer than the edit box can display so it cuts off the end. Anyway, difficult to describe but very useful.

Once I finished that, i started on the tool bar for my GUI Editor- naturally I started editing it within the editor itself to make life easier.
The toolbar consisted of 7 labels and 7 edit boxes and the normal sys.Stak window style. However after about 3 minutes of using the editor with those widgets loaded it crashes and tells me i'm out of memory. I wanted to investigate further; I opened up Task Manager when it was running and was shocked by a peak memory usage of around about 350MB. Jesus Christ Almighty in a satin nighty!

Anyway, this has urged me to get down to some heavy optimizations!

nothing much else happening. Just a load of work and programming and I got some guy stalking me but thats about it.

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