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Progressive slowness

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The past few days have been a bit slow on the game development side of mine. One reason for this might be that I'm in the middle of my term final exams - three tests in total: One in Business Economics, one in Ordinary Diffrerntial Equations and one (the one I have left) in Electromagnetism. So, mildly put, my studies takes up a lot of my time right now.


The real practical reason that I've been occupied the past few days is that at Wednesday last week (18/5) System of a Down released their new album Mezmerize, and if there is a risk of compact disc media igniting or melting from continous exposure to CD player laser beams, then perhaps I should install an additional fan at my CDROM drive. [grin]

Just for your information, buying the above mentioned album is mandatory, no exceptions made. [grin]
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