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She'll be at work

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Tonight, I'll have a nice opportunity to get some more work done on ChemHex. At this point, I'm down to some silly details, and I have to think about some things. One, I've changed the game so that there are five difficulty levels, as I determined that level 1 for a halfway decent player is way too easy. Currently, when you create a new game, I simply pop up a dialog with six buttons on it (the numbers 1 through 5 and a 'cancel' button). I'm not entirely sure that I like its look, although I was sure to make the buttons and dialogs have the same basic look and feel of the rest of the game. Also, I need to put in the "submit high score" buttons and dialog, plus I need to put the nags in. Finally, there are actually several versions of the game: trial, full, daily puzzle. Each plays basically the same, but the daily puzzle and trial have different limitations. I'll be making everything work on the exact same codebase, of course, so that I don't have a code maintenance nightmare.
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